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What if I have something particular in mind?


  • Need help making something you found on Pinterest?
  • Need help picking out fabrics for the quilt you’re making?
  • Want to find a science craft appropriate for you to do with your 4 year old?
  • Trying to figure out how to make that Owl Costume?
  • Need ideas for more meaningful gifts that you can make with your kids?

Find out how Sumo Peanut can help you move forward on your project by clicking here.


Are you getting a group together – adults or kids – and want something creative for everyone to do? Find out how Sumo Peanut can bring fun, creative activities to your event here.

If you are interested in Sumo Peanut’s Consulting or Event services, or want to learn more, simply comment on this page or use the contact form to the right. Also, you can always reach me at v (at) sumopeanut (dot) com.

One Responseso far.

  1. Melanie Moreno says:

    Have you ever dyed cotton fabric using tea? Lady has expensive piece of fabric & doesn’t want to mess it up! Maybe u could do tutorial.

    Love your website! And what an adorable helper!

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