Craft Consulting

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What is Craft Consulting?

Craft Consulting is providing one-on-one assistance to answer a craft-related question or solve a craft-related problem.

Over the years, I have tried a lot of different crafts and investigated a lot of different resources. There is a tremendous amount of information on crafting available in books, through classes, and on the internet; however, some people cannot or do not want to learn in this way. Or maybe you’ve looked, and you haven’t been able to find a way to get past your particular hurdle.

Video conferencing works great for talking things through, and I’m available for online consulting on a number of platforms. If you’re in the Greater Boston, MA, area (or maybe a little further), I would also be happy to meet with you in person.

Some projects for which I’ve provided consulting services:

  • Resources and construction tips for making a child’s phoenix costume
  • Designing 45 minute science instructional and interactive activity for 3 year olds at a preschool
  • Finding make-at-home tutorials for birthday party favors
  • Finding non-candy, make-at-home tutorials for Halloween classroom gifts
  • Altering the lining for a handbag pattern to make it a “rechargable” handbag

Although I’m not able to offer instruction-level service in all crafting areas (for instance drawing and crochet escape me), I have a vast index of resources and a wide crafting network. If I’m not able to help you myself, I will do my best to help connect you with someone who can.

If you are interested in Sumo Peanut’s Consultation services, or want to learn more, simply comment on this page or use the contact form to the right. Also, you can always reach me at v (at) sumopeanut (dot) com.

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