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What sorts of Events can Sumo Peanut help with?

  • Ladies/ Mom’s Night In: Why not try a little something different this time and get everyone together for a fun, creative project? The options are nearly limitless; the only barriers are time and your motivation. Some starter ideas: Simple Homemade Notebooks, Paper Lanterns, Make Your Own Pendant, Decoupage Picture Frames, there are so many ideas!
  • Baby Showers: How special would it be for each person to decorate a onesie for the baby or make a panel to be sewn together for a one-of-a-kind quilt?
  • Birthday Parties: Instead of a disposable gift bag, why not have each guest decorate their own t-shirt, tote bag, or pillow case. Other options, depending on age, involve making your own night-light, necklace, notebook, or many other options.
  • Play Dates: Looking for something productive to do with the kids for your next play date? Let them paint life-sized portraits of themselves, make or decorate their own notebooks, decorate a pillow case, or many other options.
  • Retreats & Meetings: Incorporating creativity into problem solving can help people and groups think about things differently and stimulate problem-solving.

If you are interested in Sumo Peanut’s Event services, or want to learn more, simply comment on this page or use the contact form to the right. Also, you can always reach me at v (at) sumopeanut (dot) com.

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