• Simple Beginning Sewing Resources

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    The tutorials are coming hard and fast now that it’s December. I’ll be updating this post with new links that catch my eye.

    So You Want To Learn (or Remember) How To Sew?

    There’s a lot of talk this time of year about making gifts for friends and loved ones, but some people need a little help getting started – or a quick refresher.

    Sumo Peanut offers classes and one-on-one instruction (either in-person if you’re around the Boston area or via computer if you’re anywhere else in the world.) If you’re interested, just drop me a line through my contact form.

    In addition to Sumo Peanut’s services, I’ve put together some of my favorite free, helpful resources:

    Basic Supplies List

    Sewing Novice has a Getting Started page which reviews basic supplies and some good entry level projects. This page assumes that you’ll be sewing on a machine.

    Basic Machine Instruction

    Craftsy.com’s class Sew Ready: Machine Basics – is a free, online, video class to get you acquainted with your machine.  A lot of my class attendees are people who have sewing machines but haven’t gotten over the hurdle of breaking it out and getting started. This is a resource that can help you feel confident enough to get sewing on your machine. Craftsy.com has some wonderful online classes (in lots of different craft areas, as well as kits and patterns).  In contrast to Sumo Peanut’s online classes or Virtual Crafting circles which are live, in real-time, Craftsy offers pre-recorded classes that you can watch online at any time.

    One of the biggest reasons that people get stalled after they’ve begun sewing is getting frustrated with machine problems. Craftsy also offers the free class, Sewing Machine 911, to help make sure that you don’t get stuck once you make the leap and get started sewing!

    Raechel Myers has all her Sewing 101 links listed on this one page. These lessons are a combination of blog posts and videos which will help you build your skills in a detailed, step-by-step process.

    Simple Machine Sewing Projects

    Jamie Brock has a list of some easy, accessible, introductory machine sewing projects.

    Another free, online, video class from Craftsy: Bag-Making Basics. In this mini-class you learn how to make a reversible tote and zip pouch.

    Marissa at Rae Gun Ramblings has a tutorial for a 10 Minute Infinity Scarf. Marissa has tons of great tutorials; it’s worth a look around at her site.

    Hand Sewing Introductory Resources

    Miss Sews-It-All has a great introduction to basic hand stitches. These are some basic construction stitches that you would use in your hand sewing.

    Crafting Delight has a hand stitching resources for beginners guide here.

    Another resource for those of you who prefer video tutorials, DMC USA (who produces a lot of the embroidery thread that you see in the stores) has a well produced video introduction to hand embroidery. These are decorative stitches that you see used to make hand stitched details and images.

    Simple Hand Sewing Projects

    Although fleece blankets don’t need finishing (fleece doesn’t fray, which is why you can leave the edges unfinished), The Crafty Mummy has a simple tutorial for hand sewing a clean, finished edge on a fleece blanket using the blanket stitch.

    Wiki How has a very short tutorial for how to hand sew a small pillow (try to imagine it with cuter fabric!).

    If you’re feeling ambitious, these Fall Sashiko Tea Towels, from Sew Mama Sew, are beautiful!

    Hand Sewing with Kids

    Make It & Love It has a fabulous page introducing the idea of teaching kids how to hand sew.

    Kids Sewing Projects has a series of lessons, starting with Pre-beginners lessons, that set a strong foundation for kid’s hand sewing. The site recommends these lessons for ages 6-8, but I think that some younger kids would do well with these. The later lessons progress to simple projects.

    Machine Sewing with Kids

    About.com has a page that talks about introducing kids to machine sewing, and it could even be helpful for very adults who want to start slowly.

    A Jennuine Life has the fantastic Tiny Sewists series, starting here with Lesson 1. This is a detailed, well though out lesson plan for teaching kids to sew on a machine.

    Have a question or a resource to share? Are you already sewing something for the holidays? Tell us about it in the comments!


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