• Submission for RI Mini Maker Faire

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    Update: I’ve been accepted! See you in Providence on Saturday, October 11th!! If you’re in the area, stop by my table and say, “Hi!”

    Saturday, October 11th, is the Sixth Annual RI Mini Maker Faire. This year is special, as it will be their first standalone Faire (in the past they’ve been held in conjunction with AS220’s Foo Fest).

    Having submitted and been accepted (yay!) to the MIT Mini Maker Faire, I’ve updated my projects, and this is my submission for the RI Faire.

    The projects that I’m submitting are:

    • Tissue Paper & Gift Box Nightlights (2 versions)
    • Creepy, Glowing Barbie
    • Making Recycled Jewelry Out of Take-Out Containers
    • Easiest Ever Solar Nightlight

    Tissue Paper & Gift Box Nightlights tutorial, now in 2 versions:

    A simpler pattern, still using an LED tea light “candle” for the light source

    Abstract Flower Nightlight

    Simpler Design

    The original design, now with 10mm LED, battery pack, and on/off switch.

    2nd version of night light

    A brighter LED provides greater color differentiation

    No October submission would be complete without Creepy, Glowing Barbie!


    Happy Halloween from Creepy Glowing Barbie!

    Happy Halloween from Creepy Glowing Barbie!


    The supplies for this project were a little more involved and included: a thrift store barbie, brown fabric, a green 5mm LED, one CR 2032 battery, translucent polymer clay, and lamp cord. The tools I used were a hot glue gun, scissors, and a pair of wire cutters/ strippers.

    When you press Creepy Glowing Barbie’s back, her globe lights up. This project wasn’t as easy, but might have been even more fun to design and implement.

    Making Jewelry Out of Recycled Take-Out Containers tutorial, or how to make your own Shrinky Dinks out of recyclable materials and Sharpies:


    Chevron Hexagon Pendant

    Chevron Hexagon Pendant

    And, the Easiest Ever Solar Nightlight tutorial:

    Painted solar lantern

    Shine on, little light!

    Thank you for your consideration. I hope to see you at the RI Mini Maker Faire!

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