• Submissions for MIT Mini Maker Faire

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    2nd Update: And I’ll be giving one of the 25 minute talks! The time is yet to be determined.

    Update: As of Sunday, September 21st, my submission was accepted! Yay! If you’re in the area, stop by my table and say, “Hi!”


    The Maker Movement has been getting increasing amounts of press lately, ranging from how to improve our schools to super-cool 3D printed prosthetics.

    In early October MIT is hosting a Mini Maker Faire, and I’m applying to be a part of it.

    My projects that I’m submitting are:

    A lantern/ light box:

    Easy to make at home

    Easy to make at home

    This lantern/ light box is made with: a plain white gift box, tissue paper, and an electric tea light. The tools I used were a box cutter, a glue stick, and various cups and bowls from around the house to help with the design.

    My second project that I’m submitting is in the spirit of Halloween. I call it my Creepy, Glowing Barbie:

    Happy Halloween from Creepy Glowing Barbie!

    Happy Halloween from Creepy Glowing Barbie!

    The supplies for this project were a little more involved and included: a thrift store barbie, brown fabric, a green 5mm LED, one CR 2032 battery, translucent polymer clay, and lamp cord. The tools I used were a hot glue gun, scissors, and a pair of wire cutters/ strippers.

    When you press Creepy Glowing Barbie’s back, her globe lights up. This project wasn’t as easy, but might have been even more fun to design and implement.

    I’ll update this page when I find out more information about the Mini Maker Faire!

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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Shala Howell says:

    That lantern is gorgeous, and looks like it might just be about my speed. Can you post instructions for that as well?

    • admin says:

      Absolutely! I get so excited about the things that I make that I just want to share them! I’ll post the tutorial, as well as a simplified tutorial. You sure you don’t want to try Creepy Glowing Barbie? ;-)

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