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Why Attend an Online Workshop/ Class?

There are so many different things to make and ways to make them! If you are feeling the urge to make something, there is something out there for you. These are some ideas for types of things that you can make that are easily covered in workshops. If there’s something you want to make that’s not listed here, let me know, and I can design a workshop for it.

The beauty of online workshops is that they can happen at any time, right in your own home. Don’t have classes near where you live? Attend an online workshop! Is the only time you have for a workshop after the kids are in bed? Attend an online workshop!

Types of Workshops Available

Short Workshops (90 Minutes or Less)

  • Crafts to do with kids: Fun, Science, Art, Making gifts, Seasonal,Ways to Keep Kids Occupied When You’re Out To Eat
  • Making things for babies and kids: Decorating Kids Clothes and Onesies
  • Ideas for Party Favors
  • Ideas for Home Made Gifts
  • Ideas for Working with Translucent Polymer Clay
  • Very Easy Solar Night Lights

Workshops with a Little More (2-4 Hours)

  • Simple baby blankets: A Big Square Blanked, Simple Quilts, Taggie Blankets
  • Learn to Sew A Stuffed Owl
  • How to Make Your Own Burp Cloths (to keep or give as gifts!)
  • Use Modge Podge Dimensional Magic to Create Fun & Unique Jewelry
  • Introduction to LEDs and Simple Circuits
  • Lantern Light Boxes with Tissue Paper
  • Design and Sew Your Own Zip-Top Bag

Multi-Session Classes (4 Hours or M0re)

  • Introduction to Quilting
  • Rag Flannel Quilts
  • Fun Fleece Blankets
  • Design and Sew Your Own Tote Bag
  • Making Things That Light Up

Online Crafting Circles

  • Crafting Happy Hour: Join us with a drink or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage for some crafting and socializing.
  • After Crafting : It can be hard to find the time and the motivation to craft. Hanging out through Online Crafting Circles might be the solution. After Crafting provides some (positive!) peer pressure through a virtual crafting circle. Join other crafters for some socializing and motivation. These groups are kept small to allow for meaningful interaction, but if we have space, you are welcome to join us just to learn or ask questions.

Signing Up

If you are interested in any of these classes, workshops, or groups – or want to learn more – simply comment on this page or use the contact form to the right. Also, you can always reach me at v (at) sumopeanut (dot) com.

There are no explicit age limits for these workshops and classes. Various tools are used in the classes: sewing machine, X-Acto Knife, ovens, hot glue guns, etc. You are the best person to know you or your child’s limits, please exercise your judgment accordingly.

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